What is “rhum arrangé” exactly ?

Many people enjoy the warmth and wide range of flavours, but few actually know the real recipe for “rhum arrangé”. This star alcohol of Reunion Island simply comes from eau-de-vie that is produced from fermentation, then distillation of syrup or sugarcane juice.  “Arrangé” means that there’s an added third step: macerating an extra ingredient. Flowers, fruit, wood, the possibilities are endless !

Recipe for “rhum arrangé”

Our favourite

Do you want to try your hand at the cocktail shaker ? Get started with this cocktail, inspired by the local life, the climate and the hills of Reunion Island. With an intense flavour, intense freshness, for an intense experience: the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


●      Pour all ingredients into the shaker

●      Fill with ice cubes and shake vigorously

●      Pour the cocktail into a 29 to 33 cl rocks glass, filled with ice.

●      Decorate with three pineapple stems and two glacé cherries.

●      Add a few drops of Angostura bitters.


●      4 cl of agricultural rum

●      2 cl of lime

●      1 cl barley syrup

●      6 cl of freshly squeezed Victoria pineapple juice

●      1/4 of a vanilla pod, opened and extracted into the shaker

Did you know ?

The brown liquid that results from refining sugar is known as syrup (mélasse in French). The liquid extracted from sugar cane, the sugarcane juice, is known as vésou in French.

What should we add to our “rhum arrangé” ?

There are so many ingredients you can add to your rum recipe. From the more discreet to the strongest of flavours, or more mysterious ingredients, there’s something for everyone. There’s just one rule, to respect the quality and natural form of the chosen ingredient.


Pineapple / kafir limes / banana / granadilla / loquat / star fruit / cherry / coffee / prickly pear / passionfruit / guava / blackberry, etc…


Jasmin / mint, etc.


Pink pepper / vanilla / coffee / cinnamon / ginger, etc.

From cane to rum,

come along the sugar route with Sandy !

Dictionary of “rhum arrangé” vocabulary

Fermentation : Transformation of sugars into ethanol, in a liquid, air-tight container

Distillation : Separation of various ingredients that make up a mixture, by heat

Crystallisation : Extraction of sugar in its crystallised form, once it has been stripped of impurities

Maceration : Leaving a substance to soak in a liquid

Refinement : Purification of blond or brown sugar to obtain white sugar

1 recipe for “rhum arrangé”,

5 benefits !

Reunion Island “rhum arrangé” is well-known for its unique taste and wide range of flavours, but it also has some amazing benefits. Discover our top 5 surprising qualities, to be consumed in moderation of course!  *

* The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. To be consumed in moderation.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

It prevents Alzheimer’s disease

It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

It can treat coughs

It strengthens hair