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Cheese potato samosas recipe

According to your taste, prepare spicy samosas for the aperitif and sweet samosas for dessert. These small triangles, made of fine and crispy dough, can be prepared in a thousand and one ways, they will delight your guests. 


Cheese potato samosas recipe

Preparation time45 minutes
Cooking time10 minutes


  • Peel the potatoes and cut them up
  • Cook them for 30 minutes
  • Cut up the brick pastry sheets
  • Separately, mix 3 teaspoons of flour with some water
  • Mash the potatoes
  • Add the grated cheese
  • Add the cumin
  • Add the chives
  • Mix
  • Take off a brick pastry sheet
  • Put some garnish on one of the ends of the brick pastry sheet
  • Fold into a triangle
  • Seal the samosa with the flour and water mixture
  • Chef’s tip: You can also do this recipe with meat, tuna, vegetables, etc.
  • Repeat the process
  • Heat some oil
  • Add the samosas
  • Turn the samosa over when they start to brown
  • Drain the samosas befor eating
  • Drain the samosas on absorbent paper before eating and serve hot!


  • 3 potatoes
  • Brick pastry sheets
  • 250 g. of grated emmental cheese 
  • 100 g. of chives
  • Cumin



  • Spicy samosas can be spiced up

These are staple aperitifs on Réunion Island

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Good appetite !