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Sweet potato cake

the taste of Reunion Island

Sweet potato, a key feature of Creole cuisine

You’ve most probably tasted sweet potato chips or purée, but would you have thought to make a cake with it? On Reunion Island, the sweet potato cake with Bourbon vanilla is a very popular recipe. Get your apron on, we’re going to give you our secret recipe!

Recipe for sweet potato cake with Bourbon vanilla


  • Peel the sweet potatoes and steam them until they’re soft
  • Mash the sweet potatoes into a purée
  • Cut the butter into pieces and add to the purée
  • Mix well and add the sugar and eggs
  • Cut the vanilla pods in half to extract the seeds, then add them to the mixture
  • Add the finely chopped pods to the mixture
  • Add the flour and alcohol
  • Brush the cake with egg yolk and use a fork to create the traditional grid pattern
  • Bake at 170/180 degrees for 20 minutes, then at 150 degrees for 40 minutes
  • Leave to cool before removing it from the mould, then enjoy!

* The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, to be consumed in moderation


(for 10 people)

1.5 kg of white sweet potatoes
100 g of flour
4 eggs
250 g of butter
200 g of sugar
2 Bourbon Vanilla pods
4 teaspoons of anisette or 2 of rum* (depending on your preferences!)

Tip for foodies

You could serve the cake with chocolate sauce, whipped cream or guava coulis.

Bake a sweet potato cake with Jacky

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