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Reunion Island: a hotspot for trail running

 A land for trail running

The ultimate island is right at the heart of the Indian Ocean and is staggeringly beautiful. Reunion Island is a very popular tropical tourist destination, as well as a hotspot for avid trail runners.

It is the ideal destination for trail running, with more than 900 kilometres of trails and three GR hiking trails that take you through the Pitons, Cirques and Ramparts, listed as World Heritage by Unesco since 2010.

Reunion Island is a huge land of tracks, thanks to its mountainous terrain. Mafate and the mountains covered in vegetation, Salazie and the small “ilet” villages and the highest peaks of the island: the Piton des Neiges, Gros Morne, Maido cliffs, Grand Bénare… all have exceptional itineraries on offer.

Trail running races along off-road tracks through forests and across mountains are real challenges. From the south of the island to the north, there are trail running races organised all year round, in a mystical atmosphere, extraordinary setting and a natural environment that is just as surprising as it is varied.


What’s the difference between Trail running and Hiking ?

They often use the same tracks, but these two disciplines are nevertheless very different.  Trail running, as the same suggests, is running and there is more emphasis on performance. You need more intensive training for trail running and the right equipment, similar to that of a regular runner.

Exceptional trail running events on Reunion Island

Reunion Land of Tracks

Le Réunion, terre de trail
Le Réunion, terre de trail
Le Réunion, terre de trail

What equipment do you need for trail running on Reunion Island ?

Good shoes

It may seem obvious but the number one rule for trail running is to be equipped with suitable shoes. Most of the tracks on the island are rocky, so you’ll need shoes that are lightweight, with good ventilation, but also tough to be able to resist the volcanic rocks along your way.

The right clothes

Adapt your clothes to the different moments in the day. If you leave early in the morning, don’t forget to take warm clothing because at high altitudes the temperatures can be quite cool. Make sure you dress adequately so you can remove layers when you are running in the island’s warm sun. The temperatures will change along your way and your clothing needs to be adapted.


Trail running requires a lot of physical effort so don’t forget to bring enough water and refreshments. Along your way, you’re not likely to find anywhere with available refreshments, so make sure you bring what you need.

Sun protection

In the mountains, the sun is just as dangerous as on the beaches. Bring a cap, sunglasses and sun cream with you.

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