La Providence

Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Denis
  • This trail, really nice in good weather, is the starting point for the crossing of Reunion Island for all visitors newly arrived in Gillot. It’s also the training route for many mountain-climbing enthusiasts or simply used as a jogging track, as it’s very easily accessible and very close to the town centre. It’s the most frequented trail on Reunion Island after the Volcano. It’s best known as the ONF trail (Office National des Forêts/National Forest Office) because it passes the ONF’s premises in Saint-Denis. This trail makes it possible to get to Brûlé from Saint-Denis after a climb of 5.3 km in distance and 870 metres of height gain. It’s very well maintained by the ONF, very picturesque and really pleasant (especially in good weather). No need for sunscreen or hat here as you’ll be walking almost all the way along this trail under cover of dense vegetation which changes depending on the altitude. The first part of the trail merges with the loop of the botanical path along which you’ll see identification signs such as "Brown avocado", "Red wood", "Royal palm", "Bois de Gaulette", "Black olive wood", "Lowland Tamarind", "Benjoin" and "Badamier" (Indian almond).
  • Difference in height
    827.2 m
  • Equipment
    Raincoat, hiking shoes, warm clothes, energy food, sunscreen, flashlight, bandages, hat, detailed maps, gourd.
  • Documentation
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    Beaux paysages, parcours plutôt sportif mais reste malgré tout à la portée de tous les niveaux.