The meeting between lava and ocean

In the heart of the Wild South, there is a perfect storm to create incredible landscapes.
Cap Méchant is a place of legends and myths, so unreal is the panorama. It is an old pirate hideout, where pirates used to hide their booty, including barrels of rum. Between the deep blue of the swell and the primary black of the lava flows, the place is an ideal destination for those who love beautiful views, as wild as they are spectacular.

Ode to Romanticism

Many lovers want to take advantage of the special atmosphere of Cap Méchant for a romantic getaway. Along the jagged coastline, let yourself be swept away by the charm of this postcard-like setting, lulled by the soft song of the tropicbird. On bad weather days, the mist offers a whole new dimension, almost mystical, to the black rocks of Cap Méchant.

A paradise for families

In Saint-Philippe, Le Cap Méchant is also known as a meeting place for families. Reunion Islanders like to get together as soon as the first fine days arrive to enjoy a sunny picnic or to have lunch in one of the three restaurants nearby. And while the children are having fun, it’s nice to take advantage of the shade of the pine trees and vacoas [trees] to enjoy the view… You too will get a taste for the Lontan lifestyle!

Ne partez pas comme ça !

Il y a encore beaucoup à découvrir