Every Creole garden of Reunion Island is an exotic experience

As you wander around the villages of Reunion Island, and especially in the highlands, you can’t miss them: there are Creole gardens everywhere, brightening up the lives of the locals and for visitors passing through.

Did you know ?

The Creole Gardens of Reunion Island are excellent examples of an agro-ecosystem and were once used for the production of fruit and vegetables, medicinal plants and everyday use plants.  In modern times, this tradition has slowly faded, and the Creole gardens are now used for decorative purposes.

A variety of colours

The secret to a beautiful Creole-style garden, is above-all a garden full of colours! These gardens use plants to represent the Creole way of living on the ultimate island. They are also small, intimate places where the locals can take a minute in their very own special slice of heaven, even in the middle of the town. The special characteristic of a beautiful Creole garden is the delicate association of the scents and colours of the various plants: exotic, endemic or indigenous, it’s all about the right balance!

How do we create a Creole garden ?

Originally, the Creole garden included a vegetable patch, medicinal plants and there was even an area for animals, but today it is mostly made up of ornamental plants.
To make your very own, it couldn’t be more simple, as long as you have the right climate! The secret of a real Creole garden is to create an organised array of edible or flowering plants!

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To discover the most beautiful Creole gardens

The orchid, the queen of the Creole gardens of Reunion Island

With nearly 120 different species on the island, the orchid is one of the most iconic plants of Creole gardens: some of them even have greenhouses especially devoted to the orchid collection !

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