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La Grotte des Premiers Français

A landmark of Reunion's history

A historical site to discover

During your holiday, take an island tour and make a stopover at the Grotte des Premiers Français (colonisation cave) in Saint-Paul. Located a few kilometres from the west coast beaches, this great spot for walks near the town of Saint-Paul is nestled between the slopes of Plateau-Caillou and the Cap de la Marianne at the entrance to the town, heading north. An exceptional historic site, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the marine cemetery.

Useful to know

At the present time, access to the Grotte des Premiers Français is unsecured, and the cave is therefore currently closed to the public. Only the park is open to visitors.

The vast garden surrounding the Grotte des Premiers Français welcomes visitors on its footpaths.

Footbridges invite you to enjoy a charming stroll, retracing the history of this place along a thematic trail.

Small squares have been created to provide a full view of the caves.

Two ‘caravels’ (rondavels but square in shape) provide places to eat.

The car park has been renovated and provides 150 spaces for visitors.

The whole place is beautified with endemic and indigenous species.

Did you know?

One of the many cavities, dug at the foot of the cliff near the waterfall, served as a refuge for the first French settlers when they landed on ‘Île Bourbon’ in 1646 at
the bay of Saint-Paul.

The Grotte des Premiers Français is the perfect place for family visits and weekend picnics.

Cultural events on the history of the park take place regularly.