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Reunion Island’s waterfalls flow from the top of the mountains through a lush backdrop into one or more deep blue pools. Discovering waterfalls and pools often requires a walk, followed by a refreshing experience, preferably during the astral summer. The sun is witness to these beautiful experiences supervised by professionals: swimming, excursions, canyoning.

1 - Trou de Fer

Spectacle images of this site are already famous around the world. Trou de Fer, 300 metres deep, is a geological curiosity. The magnificent waterfalls plunge into the midst of extraordinary nature. From Bélouve, it is a vertiginous viewpoint over the valley, accessible by helicopter. It is the highest waterfall in French territory, at 720 metres.

2. Langevin waterfall

Located in the Wild South in Saint-Joseph, the Langevin or Grand Galet waterfall is actually several small waterfalls, spread across a rocky wall covered by vegetation and plunging into a large pool of clear, deep-blue water. It is an idyllic setting for swimming and canyoning. The banks of the Langevin river are popular for Sunday picnics.

3- Le Voilée de la Mariée (the bride's veil)

This sumptuous and legendary waterfall, located in Cirque de Salazie, runs down the slopes through lush and abundant vegetation, forming a long, undulating veil. La Voile de la Mariée can be seen from the road. For more emotions, hike to the pool at the foot of the waterfalls.

4. Takamaka

In the east of the island, on the road along the Rivière des Marsouins, discover this sublime waterfall amidst exuberant tropical vegetation. From your walking trail, admire the many waterfalls and pools where you can cool off or indulge in your favourite activity: canyoning.

5. La Blanche

640-metres high, this waterfall is the third highest waterfall in France according to the list of the highest waterfalls in the world. Located in Cirque de Salazie, La Blanche waterfall can be reached after a short walk through lush vegetation and fruit orchards, amongst small Creole “cases” (houses). Then you have a panoramic view of this magnificent waterfall. It is possible to canyon down La Blanche waterfall.

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