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Top 5 things to do in the Highlands







Venturing into Reunion’s Highlands, means leaving behind mildness of the coast for a land where nature reigns supreme. Here man is just a guest who has learned to live with the elements. Its very isolation is what makes it so wild and adventurous. In the Highlands, you push yourself to the limit as you enter an unspoiled countryside. Discover our top 5 things to do in the Highlands.



2. Paragliding in the Saint-Leu Highlands

In the Highlands, the tropicbird is king. It flies over pitons and mountain peaks before disappearing behind a rampart. The island’s mountains hold no secrets for him. What better way to discover these hidden treasures than by flying over them. At the end of the road to Les Colimaçons, in the Saint-Leu Highlands, Rémi awaits intrepid adventurers. He is going to introduce them to the joys of paragliding by showing them how to follow the updrafts. Take-off from the side of a mountain and land at the edge of a lagoon.

Seen from the sky, the island is even more beautiful!

Meet Rémi who will accompany you on the big jump!

3. Downhill mountain biking on Le Maïdo

Le Maïdo has a surprise up its sleeve for thrill seekers. From this splendid balcony over the cirque of Mafate, steep forest roads and paths descend to the coast. From the summit, you can do the whole descent on a mountain bike and end up pedalling by the sea. These steep slopes are a great experience, combining adventure, discovery and thrills.

Discover mountain biking

4. Horse riding on the plains

An equestrian escapade to discover the island

There are so many ways to explore a place, some more original and unexpected than others. At Plaine des Palmistes, it is of course possible to roam the many hiking trails on foot. But you can also leave your heavy boots behind and climb on the back of a horse. A different way to discover the lush green landscapes, to appreciate the dizzying waterfalls and to admire the flight of the marsh harriers.

5. An evening in the cabaret des hauts

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Meet the group Pat’Jaune

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