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3 local beers

To enjoy after a hike

Have you just finished an intense hike in the cirques of Reunion Island? So many rewards await you. Breathtaking panoramas of the island, a sense of pride and the pleasure of sitting down to savour the unique taste of a cold local beer. After a trek, it’s time for a break! Fruity, spicy or bitter, discover our top 3 beers from Reunion Island that will refresh you after all that effort*.

*To be consumed in moderation!

1. Dodo Beer: legendary

Its official name is Bourbon, but everyone calls it Dodo. Fresh and delicate, Dodo is the perfect beer at the end of a hike and for early evening drinks on the island. With its light colour and frothy white head the beer tastes of grain and malt with light hoppy notes. With its hint of bitterness it suits all palates.

Very much part of the relaxed way of life in Reunion Island, Dodo is easily recognised with its bright colours (green, yellow and red) and the smiling bird on the label. Far from being an extinct species, the Dodo is everywhere in Reunion Island! On street walls and bar terraces, impressive frescoes depict the iconic bird which has become synonymous with a refreshing cold beer. The drink wears its legendary slogan well: “The Dodo is here”!

Deeply rooted in the country’s culture, the beer celebrating the bird from Mauritius even has its own museum in Saint-Denis, the home of Dodo Beer. Opened in 2005, it is a great way to learn about craft brewing techniques which are what gives this local beer its distinctive taste.

And despite its name, the Dodo is not resting on its laurels! It has received 7 gold medals for the quality of its 100% natural ingredients and is definitely the most popular beer in Reunion Island.


2. Dalons Beer: The young guard

If your friends come first, then Dalons beer, literally “buddies” in Creole, is made for you. This craft beer from Reunion Island is actually the result of a close friendship. Three young men, a lot of determination and a dream brewery later, Dalons beer was born. With a label featuring the iconic lighthouse of Sainte-Suzanne, the various beers take adventurers on a journey to discover new and exciting flavours.

The Blanche is slightly cloudy due to the presence of wheat in the beer. This refreshing beer with notes of ginger and kaffir lime is perfect for early evening drinks. The Blonde is a golden colour with exotic, fruity notes. If you like something more bitter try the Dalons IPA (Indian Pale Ale) or Double IPA for a hoppy finish with hints of lemon or peach. If you are looking for an alternative to Dodo, the young upstart Dalons is a great tasting beer after a day out.

3. Fischer Beer: A successful transplant

Imported from Alsace in the 90s, Fischer Beer has been successful transplanted to the island. With its brewery in Saint-Louis and special flavour to suit the local palate, this beer whose logo features a child drinking from a pint glass now rivals the well established Dodo. Its winning formula: a range of beers made in Reunion Island to suit all occasions. An early evening drink with friends to celebrate finishing the GRR1 hike? The Blanche Rosée with notes of guava and red fruit has a slightly acidic, floral taste perfect to go with your tapas. Carbonnade or sausage rougail cooked on a wood fire? Naturally intense, Fischer Brune with it’s toasted, caramel notes will spice up your meal.

Bon appétit !