3 ways of discovering the soul of the cirques

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Like impregnable fortresses sheltering enchanting landscapes, the cirques which once protected slaves in search of freedom, are the ultimate experience and well worth the effort. They demand respect too. These rocky behemoths enrobed in a lush green have seen more than one intrepid explorer pass their way but only welcome the bravest. How about following these winding paths to immerse yourself fully in the 3 cirques of Reunion Island?

→ Let us show you 3 ways of discovering the soul of the cirques.

2. Salazie: A protective landscape

In the cirque of Salazie, a carpet of lush vegetation is rolled out to greet visitors. The endless green is dotted with waterfalls whose water reflects the sun’s rays. In the midst of this sumptuous spectacle, a village full of brightly coloured houses attracts the eye. Hell-Bourg is a like jewel in this lush green landscape. Its Creole houses are one of the treasures of the island’s culture. In the village’s narrow streets, the charm of the typical Creole houses takes hold.

Tempting smells are everywhere. Salazie is also a known for farming. Watercress, local greens and chayote squash are all grown here. You can also follow in the footsteps of Héva and Anchaing. These two runaway slaves were in love and hid for nearly ten years on the eponymous Piton d’Anchaing. They settled on the natural ramparts and fertile lands of Salazie far away from the enslavement of the plantations. The sense of freedom and emancipation can still be felt in this terrain. It can be found in the soul of the inhabitants too who continue to honour their illustrious ancestors every day.

3. Cilaos: Not as calm as it appears

A road with more than 400 bends winds its way along the mountain side. The village of Cilaos and its cirque can only be accessed from this snaking, steep route. A route which features countless opportunities for magnificent, unbroken views of the mountains. After picking your way between the rocks, the village appears.

In Cilaos, you can’t help but relax and let go. This thermal village, nestled between the ramparts of the cirque, is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and rest. Its hot springs are known for their reviving properties. And while peace and serenity reign, the more adventurous will meet their match here too. Climbing and canyoning are two very popular activities in Cilaos. But all those thrills can make you hungry: Goni vid i tyen pa debout *”. If you need to refuel, you’re in the right place. The soil in Cilaos is very rich. The reputation of its lentils and its wine is justly deserved.


*You won’t get far on an empty stomach

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