The best spots to get green

It is on the East Coast of Reunion Island, in the Land of Eden, that nature seems to be at its wildest, its most unspoilt with no trace of humans. Here, the urban hustle and bustle is replaced by the peace and quiet of lush forests and the sound of running water. Here are our top 5 favourite activities to take you to the heart of the countryside on Reunion Island.

1. Admire a waterfall

Of course, we all know the famous Niagara Falls in Canada. In Reunion Island, it is the Niagara Waterfall that is the most talked about. In a lush green setting surrounded by sugar cane fields sits a waterfall with a drop of 55 metres! While a mere trickle of soothing water flows during the dry season, a period of heavy rain is enough to transform the silence into a deafening din. Slightly stunned by so much beauty and still intoxicated by its almost unreal curls of mist, we reach Terrasses du Niagara. We spend the night in a former sugar estate while enjoying the Creole Garden, lulled by the gentle humming of the nearby waterfall.

2. Marvel at a primary forest

In our collective imagination, jungles are synonymous with danger and ferocious animals, but there’s nothing to fear in Bélouve primary forest. No tigers or poisonous snakes on the horizon but the atmosphere of an enchanted forest! With a bit of luck, you can even see the plumage of a cuckooshrike or the majestic flight of a marsh harrier, two birds native to Reunion Island. Once engulfed by the forest, you feel caught up in this timeless atmosphere where the immense highland tamarinds and tree ferns compete to be the most beautiful.

4. Canoeing on the river

A tiny cut-off village on Rivière des Marsouins, Îlet Coco is a place with a very special charm. With only 20 or so houses, it is the perfect spot for white water sports! Rafting, kayaking or canoeing, arm yourself with paddles and head off with a professional to try to tame the rapids. Between lychees trees and coconut palms, the descent is challenging. You will end up soaked but leave with your head full of beautiful memories. To recover from this thrilling experience, what better than a few sweet lychees kindly brought by our guide or picked straight from the trees.

5. Hiking to Trou de Fer

On the advice of our canoeing instructor, we decide to get up at dawn to enjoy the superb landscapes of the East Highlands before the thick mist falls, usually in the early the afternoon.

After a good strong coffee, we set off on the paths lined with orchids and tree ferns in the forest of Bélouve. As we advance through this mysterious and dense forest, our dormant inner explorer comes to life and our pace quickens until we reach the Trou de Fer viewpoint.

While the hike is easy, the beauty of the dizzying waterfalls instantly takes our breath away. With their 725 metre drop, they are among the highest waterfalls the in the world!