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The west coast

From sunrise to sunset, pleasure comes in the form of a thousand and one activities on Reunion Island. Go with the flow! You can awaken your senses in the early morning in the Land of Eden, to the east of the island, then follow the path of the sun and head off without a care in the world to the West and its beautiful beaches. These natural treasures of the Land of Light are where travellers can find the warmth, lightness and carefree attitude of the bohemian lifestyle. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the sound of the waves lull you. Relax in a dream-like setting and enjoy the present moment intensely.



Intensely relaxed

On Reunion Island, even chilling is intense! Famous for its lagoons and white sandy beaches, the Land of Light is the ideal place to recharge your batteries while sipping a sun-kissed fresh fruit cocktail. In the distance children’s laughter mixes with birdsong, while a light breeze caresses your skin. If you’re looking for somewhere to let body and soul relax, you’ve found your own little corner of paradise. Throw away your to-do list and treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the shade of the filao trees. And you will be intensely relaxed.

The bubbly and bohemian spirit of the West can also be found in its markets. From Saint Paul to Saint-Leu, these are bustling places where islanders like to gather to do their shopping, but also and above all to chat, laugh and enjoy good company… A market in the West is like a sensory journey. The sight of the sparkling colours of tropical fruits and vegetables, the heady smell of spices mixed with sea spray, the bewitching sound of the Creole language and the exhilarating taste of surprising flavours. With your bertel bag overflowing, all you have to do is find one of the countless picnic spots for which the West is famous, from the Etang-Salé National Forest to the banks of Saint-Paul Lake or just under the filao trees at the iconic Hermitage beach.

Intensely lively

The West Coast might be synonymous with chilling but it also has a trendy, lively side! When the sun dips below the horizon, the night life begins. On the beach or on frenzied dance floors, the West is full of places where you can leave your cares behind for an evening. At the open air bars and beach bars in Saint-Leu, La Saline or L’Ermitage evenings are all about making new friends. Trendy music or a concert featuring a local band, it’s up to you to choose what atmosphere will get you grooving to share an unforgettable evening in the Land of Light.

Music lovers can even organise a informal acoustic guitar session by the sea on the warm beach at Boucan Canot or lulled by the waves on esplanade des Roches-Noires. If you prefer neon lights and dance floors, a walk round the centre of Saint-Gilles will delight you with its friendly restaurants, trendy bars and night-clubs with a tropical feel. Whatever you’re into, the ultimate experience will have you dancing in no time.

By day, the Land of Light plays host to an impressive range of cultural activities throughout the year. From the Festival of Underwater Images to the Grand Boucan Carnival, not forgetting the Leu Tempo Festival and the Réunion Métis art festival, you are spoilt for choice. On New Year’s Eve, the west coast is transformed, for one night, into a huge open air party punctuated by the music of the sound systems, the popping of the firecrackers and the lights of the lanterns, which float to the stars.

Intensely refreshing

When it gets hot, there’s only one thing you want to do in the Land of Light: work on your tan for a while, then sip a drink under the parasols of a beach bar before finally enjoying a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean. This is the best way to acclimatise to the island’s scorching heat for the ultimate experience.

Facing the sea, the west coast of Reunion Island and its seaside resorts are full of activities to discover all that the Indian Ocean has to offer. A mask and a snorkel are all you need to go and see the exotic, multicoloured fish in the lagoon. The more adventurous can hook up with one of the numerous diving clubs for an introduction to the joys of scuba diving such as discovering the underwater caves at Cap La Houssaye or the coral reef.

You can also go and meet the marine mammals that inhabit the coasts of Reunion Island, such as the majestic humpback whales, which migrate between June and September and mischievous dolphins. You can also discover the sea turtles and their rich history in the Indian Ocean at the Kélonia research centre and sanctuary, in Saint-Leu. If you like big game fishing and boat trips, remember that the swordfish and marlins of the Indian Ocean not an easy catch…

Even though the laid-back and resort-like atmosphere of the West of Reunion Island draws lots of visitors, it would be unfair to define this region by its beaches and lagoons. It is also home to landscapes of surprising beauty, like the savannah above Cap La Houssaye. Here, there are no wild animals but a vast savannah where the vegetation changes from green to light yellow according to the seasons. In the summer, the sunsets cast golden hues on the azure blue of the ocean.

Are you wondering how you can enjoy all this beauty and these landscapes in one go? Quite simply by taking off from one of the most famous paragliding spots in the world, in the Highlands of Saint-Leu. Lift off from the mountain tops, fly over the West Highlands and the lagoon and land on the beach: welcome to the west coast of the island and the ultimate experience, in the Land of Light.

Immersion on the West Coast!