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The Voile de la Mariée

A mysterious waterfall

Salazie, a natural history

The Cirque of Salazie  is home to the tallest bamboos on the island, the chayote (choko) is grown here, as well as loquat, citrus fruits, peaches and bananas.

Overlooking Salazie is the mysterious Bélouve Forest and some superb waterfalls at the heart of a lush bountiful environment full of different shades of green. Aboard a helicopteror on a hiking expedition, you can explore the most visited of them: the Voile de la mariée. 

The Voile de la Mariée waterfall

A legend carved into the rock

The reputation of this waterfall in Salazie is also down to its legend, that of a tragic love story in this wild natural environment.

A long time ago, a wealthy man fell in love with a young woman from a modest background. The girl’s father strongly opposed their relationship. They defied his orders and decided to get married.

The father was furious when he found out about their wedding and he came to the church where the ceremony was taking place. He wanted to kill this unacceptable man with a sabre.

The couple managed to escape to the hills of the Cirque, but the young bride slipped and fell off the mountain. Her veil is thought to have got caught on the cliff face and that’s how the waterfall got its name (Voile de la mariée = bridal veil).

Legend says that following her disappearance, her father cried day and night at the top of the cliff, his tears falling into the waterfall’s raging waters.

Another version is that the flow of the waterfall was once so strong that the steam from the water produced a strange impression of a veil.

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