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Station Trail - La Source Manouihl

in Salazie

  • Let yourself be transported into the past with the thermal baths of Hell-Bourg, visiting the important sites and paths which tell the story of how Hell-Bourg came to be and its popularity with spa enthusiasts.

  • This walk takes you to the foot of a rock face featuring several hot springs surrounded by ochre coloured deposits, in the heart of the Reunion Island National Park and part of the world heritage site.


    - 7.45am: participants are greeted in the square in the village of Hell-Bourg.
    - 8am: departure
    - Duration: 7 hours of walking, average difficulty
    - Recommendations: sportswear, backpack, waterproofs, water, sun cream, cap, phone (turned on), snacks (cereal bars, biscuits).
  • Rates
  • Adult
    35 €
  • Child rate
    20 €