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Station Trail - Le Trou de Fer

in Salazie

  • Come and discover Trou de Fer, on a hike from the Salazie trail running station, where you can walk and train like the Greek gods on the specially marked trails and enjoy the peace and quiet, in the heart of the Reunion Island National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Trace the history of Reunion Island from the village of Hell-Bourg to Trou de Fer. The guide will share their commitment to the biodiversity of the island’s primary forest, with its tamarind trees which will stun you with their imposing structures and the abundant fauna and flora of the Bois de Couleurs forest in the highlands.


    - 7.45am: Participants are greeted in the square in the village of Hell-Bourg.

    Set off at 8am.
  • Rates
  • Adult
    35 €
  • Child rate
    20 €