MTB / Cycling on Reunion Island

From sandy tracks to the forests of tamarinds

Reunion Island: a hotspot for downhill mountain biking!

Mountain biking on Reunion Island: there are over 300 kilometres of tracks, for unique adventures and experiences over one or several days. Whether you choose accessible tracks or the more difficult ones, whether it’s sunny or cold, the cycle tracks of the island all have one requirement: stability on two wheels!

Did you know ?

Julien Absalon is a French MTB cross-country champion; double Olympic champion, fourteen times French champion and five times world champion !

MTB on Reunion Island, a track for every level

Just like with skiing, the level of difficulty of the MTB tracks on Reunion Island are marked by a colour code. There’s something for everyone !

Venture into the hills of the Land of Tracks

Are you looking for an exciting MTB adventure on Reunion Island ?

You’ll enjoy a trip with Teddy and his buggy !
Buggy, quad, bike and MTB on Reunion Island: what’s the difference ?

A buggy and a quad are both off-road, exploration vehicles with four wheels. With the compulsory seatbelt, steering wheel and accelerator pedal, the buggy is more like a car than the quad. On a quad, you don’t need to wear a seatbelt, but a safety helmet is compulsory.

The MTB is characterised by its narrower wheels, thicker tyres and it’s lightweight, making it more suitable for rugged terrain.