plainedescafres02paturagesbourgmurat-creditirt-emmanuelvirin.jpgPlaine des cafres
©Plaine des cafres|Emmanuel VIRIN
Plains Road

Route des plaines

An exotic mountain plateau

Clean and fresh air in the highlands

The road is surrounded by exceptional panoramas and natural habitats, all part of the national park that is listed as World Heritage for its immense value. The road includes two Creole villages – historical witnesses of the highlands: La Plaine-des-Palmistes and Bourg-Murat. The plains area, reaching 1,630 metres, is often foggy, and echoes alpine pastures, with a temperate climate where the temperatures drops below zero during austral winter and different vegetation with broom-covered moors, arums, tree ferns and hortensias.


bring a jumper and waterproof windbreaker because there is mist and temperatures are cool early in the morning and at dusk, dropping to below zero sometimes. Contrasting images on our tropical island guaranteed when the sunrise is reflected on ice-covered ground.
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