volcan104eruptionpitondelafournaise042015-creditirt-lucperrotdts022017.jpgVolcan piton de la fournaise
©Volcan piton de la fournaise|Luc PERROT

Route du volcan

Simply amazing nature

A majestic landscape steeped in history

With reddish, orange and grey hues, this desert landscape will be engraved in your memory with the most active volcano in the world as the leading character. When it comes to life, it offers a unique, majestic and fascinating show, just one hour from tropical forests and lush vegetation

Getting there

The road leading to the legendary Piton de la Fournaise goes from the RN3 road and Plaine des Cafres to the panoramic Bellecombe belvedere. A walking trail then takes you to the uppermost crater. Other facets of the volcano can discovered from Route des Laves (RN2).


The volcano massif reaches an altitude of 2,600 metres and has a multitude of choices for hikers. Be sure to inquire about the weather forecast and official alerts before heading out. Make sure you have all essential hiking equipment with you.

Where is the route du volcan ?