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Unexpected adventures await explorers

On Reunion Island

For a long time, hardened explorers and adventurous travellers have known that, of the islands of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is the number one place to go for a blend of the authentic Créole culture, magnificent beaches and extraordinary adventures.

This island, 42% of which is listed natural heritage by UNESCO, is exotic and has a bountiful natural environment that contrasts with the lunar landscapes and red shades of the volcanic areas. There are also over 200 microclimates here, that holidaymakers lucky enough to explore this incredible place will experience.

Reunion Island has never been more accessible to South Africans as it is only a four-hour flight away from Johannesburg, and holders of a South African passport don’t need a visa to come to this paradise island.


Take the plunge into the water !

Canyoning and rafting are two other unmissable activities on Reunion Island. There are many companies who take tourists into the island’s rivers and along the ancient lava flow, for an adventure and a rush of adrenaline guaranteed. Discover this revitalising activity with RUN’aventures.

Water-based activities

If you want to go for a dip in the sea, the best beaches and best places to swim are on the west and south coasts, and in the calm waters of the lagoons. Reunion Island is a veritable aquatic playground with so many activities to choose from – rental of transparent kayaks, glass-bottomed boat trips, dolphin and whale watching, deep-sea diving, boat trips, paddle-board hire or just go for a swim in the warm waters.  Between two excursions, there are several different ways for you to relax. Book a day trip to search for whales and dolphins.

Discover nature in its purest form

To discover nature in its purest form, come to the east coast: with the cooler and more humid climate here, you’ll experience some unique adventures, meet the locals and taste the sheer diversity of fruit and the dense vegetation of this region.