A label to guarantee quality


You’ve probably come across it already during your adventures on Reunion Island… the Qualité Tourisme Ile de la Réunion quality label is awarded to tourism players in various lines of business: accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities and so on. Created by IRT in 1996, this label aims to boost quality procedures in the island’s tourism sector and represents a promise of excellence. Today, over 250 establishments flaunt this seal of approval designed to help you choose quality solutions.

Certified establishments in pictures

Sébastien, paragliding instructor.

Alexandra, hotel and restaurant manager.

Delphine, guesthouse manager.

Awarding of the quality label to newly-certified establishments.

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Are you a tourism professional?
Claim your excellence!


Are you lucky enough to have a passion for the work you do? The Qualité Tourisme Ile de la Réunion label promises to shine a spotlight on your establishment’s excellence and professionalism, and to guide you through the quality procedures.


Label QTIR

Highlighting uniqueness


Because tourist satisfaction and the image of La Réunion are our priorities, the Qualité Tourisme Ile de La Réunion scheme aims to highlight the outstanding quality offered to holidaymakers by certified establishments. Obtaining the label will really boost your communication strategy.

The national Qualité Tourisme™ brand


Qualité Tourisme Ile de La Réunion (QTIR) is a quality scheme that has been officially recognised since 30th March 2011 by the national Qualité Tourisme™ Plan (PQT), offering hotels and restaurants an opportunity to apply for the Qualité Tourisme™ seal of approval. Under the QTIR scheme, establishments are guided through the proceedings to submit their application for use of the brand.

Launched in 2003, the Qualité Tourisme Plan is based on a selection of quality procedures set up by tourism partner networks, local institutional players or businesses to help professionals that follow the procedures to obtain the Qualité Tourisme™ label.


How to obtain the Qualité Tourisme Ile de La Réunion label?

Membership terms 

Your establishment can apply for membership if it meets the following criteria:

  • Health and safety rules applying to your business sector must be observed.
  • Your establishment must be up-to-date with tax payments and welfare contributions.
  • It must comply with the rating system for your sector, if one exists.
  • You must have proof of its legal status (company registration certificate, registration number, etc.).
  • You must prove that it is registered with the competent bodies governing your business sector (DJSCS, DEAL, DM SOI, etc.)
  • Furthermore, your establishment undertakes to accept and observe all the conditions laid out in the charter, notably in terms of customer-oriented focus.

The certification procedure

The applicant sends a membership request to the IRT Quality department which, after checking its eligibility, contacts the applicant to begin guidance proceedings.

Different stages have to be followed before the quality label can be awarded:

  • Self-appraisal and pre-audit.
  • Guidance.
  • Assessment by a secret visit from an external consultant.
  • If the overall score is at least 85%, the case is presented to a technical follow-up committee.
  • Award of the certificate and communication campaign.
  • Annual follow-up by the technician.