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Coming to Reunion Island with a pet

In the cabin or in the hold, contact the airline

Each airline has its own specific conditions for taking pets on board. It is therefore essential to contact the airline before booking, providing the species, race and weight of the animal. A small dog or cat can travel with its owners in the cabin, either in a bag or a cage. Other animals must travel in the hold, in a pressurised, heated and ventilated area, in a special crate that you have to purchase in advance, and an extra fee applies for this service.

In the cabin: weight < 5kg

In a special travelling cage for animals that weigh under 5 kg (birds, cats, dogs), in accordance with current legislation in the country of destination.

In the hold

In a special travelling crate for animals that weigh more than 5 kg. The price generally corresponds to the price for overweight luggage. This service is usually free-of-charge for animals carried in the cabin or for guide-dogs for passengers with a disability, carried in the hold.