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Your suitcase


Pack clothes to suit the season

Reunion Island is in the southern hemisphere meaning it has a tropical climate, thanks to the Indian Ocean. It is hot and sunny all year round and each region has its own microclimate. The seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere.



This is the hot and humid season with an average temperature of 30°C. In high altitudes, the temperature can be around ten degrees lower. This is the period to go swimming, diving or for white water activities such as canyoning. 

  • Make sure you pack light summer clothing: shorts, t-shirts, loose clothing that covers your legs and arms for late afternoons to avoid mosquito bites (Mosquito prevention).
Austral winter FROM MAY TO OCTOBER

This is the cool season. In high altitudes, the temperature is much lower, and on the coast and mainly in the west, near the beaches, the water still reaches temperatures of around 26°C.

  • You are advised to pack warm clothing because in the island’s highlands in the evenings, temperatures can be much lower. Take wind-proof clothing if you plan on sleeping or walking in the mountains, seeing the sunrise over the Piton des Neiges or being at the Volcano at dawn.
The in-between seasons (APRIL-MAY, OCTOBER-NOVEMBER)

On Reunion Island, there are two distinct seasons: austral winter (May to October) and austral summer (November to April). But in-between these seasons there are periods of the year that are sometimes difficult to determine. October and November often mark the beginning of the rainy season and April and May mark the beginning of austral winter. These periods are difficult to determine because some years, the rainy season will begin earlier or later. On the coast the temperature may decrease to 19 or 20 degrees at night, but in the highlands, it can go down to 5 degrees. In the day, temperatures can reach 27 to 29 degrees on the coast, and 18 to 22 degrees in the Highlands.

Don’t pack too much

You’ll find everything you need at the shops and supermarkets on the island.



Your holiday essentials

Hat or cap, sunglasses, sun cream… and bathing suit (monokinis are allowed on the beaches), flip-flops for the beach, trainers or walking shoes.



Top Tip

Zip-off trousers will help you go from one climate to another more easily.

Don’t forget your luggage at the airport

Check you haven’t left any objects/bags behind at the airports. Try not to give the security guards any unnecessary work to do.

Keep an eye on your luggage so that your holiday begins completely stress-free!

The Border Police would like to remind you that any luggage left unattended at the airport will be treated as suspicious. A security perimeter will be cordoned off around the unattended luggage and will disturb all activity at the airport and flights will be delayed.

If you forget a bag, it will be destroyed!

We would like to remind you this constitutes a category 4 infraction, and the maximum fine is €750. (Source National Police of Reunion Island)

Good to know
  • Fresh fruit, flower seeds, plants: it is forbidden to import certain items. Transport of local fruits: Pineapples, bananas, durians, dates: transport allowed, undeclared and with no quantity restriction. Mangos, citrus fruits, chilli peppers: transport forbidden due to potential presence of parasites. Other fruits and vegetables: request an appointment at the Direction de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt (DAAF) (Food, Agriculture & Forestry Department) to obtain a phytosanitary certificate.
    You’ll find the full procedure and contact details for requesting an appointment on the Reunion Island Prefecture website, HERE.
  • Place all liquids, gels, creams, pastes and aerosols that you would like to carry, for food or cosmetic use in your hold luggage, as well as any other items that are not allowed in your hand luggage.
  • Any object that is unauthorised in the cabin, found during the security checks will have to be left behind and destroyed.