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In the Mountains tips

Protect yourself from the sun (cover your head, wear sunscreen), follow the trail blazes, do not go along paths marked as being closed, avoid hiking alone, do not light fires. Plan an itinerary on a par with your physical capacity. Do not drink water from rivers and lakes, take enough water with you and book a room and board! Call +33 (0)2 62 37 38 39 or look on the Office National des Forêts website to find out about the state of the paths.
Be very careful if you bathe in a mountain lake. Water can suddenly rise during the rainy season, which can lead to fainting. Do not try this in the aftermath of a cyclone.

Get some fresh air !

Flora and fauna

There are no dangerous animals on land on Réunion Island. There are no special dangers in the lagoon but watch where you put your feet because of sea urchins, coral, and stonefish. There are occasionally jellyfish.

Useful numbers

Réunion Island has an excellent network of nurses, doctors, and well-equipped hospitals.
Emergency number: 112
Ambulance: 15
Fire brigade: 18