Mosquito prevention

How can you protect yourself from dengue fever on Reunion Island ?

Information for travellers

Dengue fever is a tropical disease which is not considered a severe disease and can be transmitted to humans from albopictus, more commonly known as the tiger mosquito, due to its stripes. You should protect yourself day and night.

Some recommendations to protect yourself

Apply anti-mosquito products to any uncovered skin

Use repellent creams and sprays

Sleep under a mosquito net that has been sprayed with special insecticide suitable for fabric

Use electric diffusers, and coils outside

Use the air-conditioning system

Wear loose clothing that covers as much skin as possible, and spray it with insecticide suitable for fabric

Explore in complete safety !

Useful numbers

Keep yourself informed about dengue fever and the recommendations for mosquito protection → a toll-free number: 0 800 110 000

Emergency services: 112
Samu (medical assistance): 15
Fire brigade: 18


Useful information

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