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The best of the intense island

Nature, relaxation, adventure and authenticity

Reunion Island, the intense island offers you the very best of nature, relaxation, adventure and authenticity. Experience unforgettable moments.


Pitons cirques et remparts

  • Explore the Cirque de Salazie and admire the legendary Voile de la Mariée waterfall.
  • In Mafate, hike through the breathtaking nature setting and adopt the Mafate attitude. The cirque is only accessible by foot or helicopter.
  • In Saint-Philippe, there are two reserves that can be explored on foot or on horseback: the coastal trail and the “Bois de Couleurs” forest in Basse-Vallée.
  • Along the Route des Laves, ponder the forces of nature. The Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and the Plaine des Sables will leave you lost for words.
  • At Plaine des Palmistes, follow the path to the Trou de Fer, where the view is captivating and the experience is truly amazing.
  • Head towards Cilaos and enter the National Park by taking the “road with 400 bends”. The cirque is the starting point for many hiking expeditions. From there, the Piton des Neiges promises an indescribable experience with a 360° view from the top.
  • In Saint-Leu, stop by Kélonia and dive into the world of mysterious sea turtles.
  • Explore the Hermitage underwater trail. This magical, fun-filled snorkelling trail can be found in the Marine Nature Reserve, which is home to a rich biodiversity that must be respected and protected.

Reunion Island guarantees authenticity, tradition and culture

Focus on the mixed culture and unique spirit of togetherness of Reunion. A most enticing, colourful and rich programme awaits you: historical heritage, traditions, local products, spicy cuisine and catchy music.

Tables d’hôtes, restaurants and farmhouse inns welcome you in a friendly and authentic setting. Keep an eye out for those that mention “cuisine au feu de bois” (dishes cooked in a wood-fired oven). Follow the delicious aromas and hurry inside. You absolutely have to try a ti jacques boucané, a sausage rougail, a traditional chicken curry, a sweet potato cake and infused rum, among many other culinary flavours.

  • Saint-Denis: visit the colonial mansions and religious buildings (Tamil temple, mosque, pagoda, church) that bear witness to the multi-ethnic character of the island.
  • Saint-André: visit a Tamil temple. Do not miss out on the Bois-Rouge sugar refinery, a renowned rum distillery that will guide you through the rum-making process.
  • Salazie: explore this lush paradise with its watercress beds, banana plantations and chouchou vines, before reaching the village of Hell-Bourg, classed as one of France’s most beautiful villages.
  • Sainte-Anne: the original architecture of the church appealed to François Truffaut, who filmed the wedding scene for Mississippi Mermaid here with Alain Delon and Catherine Deneuve.
  • Wild South: prepare for a day of fragrances mixed with fresh sea air. Visit the perfume and spice garden of Saint-Philippe, the tea-field maze, the house of Laurina with its Bourbon Pointu coffee in Grand Coude, and the exceptional blue vanilla of Le Tremblet. The Maison du Curcuma is a museum devoted to turmeric (known as pei saffron) in Plaine des Grègues. Join a workshop to weave vacoa with the experts.
  • Saint-Paul: exotic fruit and spice enthusiasts, take note! Head for Saint-Paul market on the island’s western seafront and get your fill of vitamins.

Sport and adventure

Reunion Island provides an exceptional venue for sport and outdoor leisure activities with complete peace of mind, in a preserved environment. Activities are supervised by qualified professionals: hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, 4×4, canyoning, scuba diving, kayaking, rafting, paragliding, caving.


  • piton des Neiges: the ascent of the Piton des Neiges, the highest point of Reunion island (3,071 m) is an exceptional trek from Cilaos, Salazie or the Plaine des Cafres.
  • 3 Salazes: very impressive in places, this climb with classified tropical mountaineering terrain, is widely accessible and is supervised by an experienced mountain guide.
  • West coast: immerse yourself in warm, clear water any time of year and observe the 3,500 animal and plant species that inhabit Reunion’s waters.
  • Under the attentive supervision of the guides, seasoned sports enthusiasts will explore the island’s most beautiful canyons: Fleur Jaune, Langevin, Trou Blanc, Takamaka, Trou de Fer.
  • For paragliding fans, the best places to go are Les Colimaçons, piton Maïdo, Dos d’Âne and Saint-Leu.

Revitalisation and wellbeing

After wandering over the peaks of the island, enter the world of silence and taste its wonders. Rejuvenate by the sea, awaken your senses in the purity of primary forests, encounter birds that are unique to the island. Dive into the whitewater for a refreshing moment. Enjoy yourself in the realm of biodiversity: visit gardens and museums, natural sites, and let yourself be lulled by the trade winds.

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