©Photographe|Stéphane Fournet

The Sea tips

Bathing and water sports

Here are a few tips for you to enjoy safe bathing and water sports …
Always bathe where there is a lifeguard, never in forbidden or dangerous areas.

Nautical activities

Never go swimming alone. Even good swimmers can get caught out with a cramp or start feeling faint.
Families should stay on lagoon beaches.
Take measures to prevent fainting, dehydration and sunstroke:
– Avoid long exposure to the sun, stay in the shade.
– Go into the water gradually, especially if you have been sunbathing.
– Put sunscreen on regularly.
– Drink water regularly, keep well hydrated

Don’t go in the water at sunrise or sunset.
The rocks can be slippery, don’t go out on the spur of the moment and don’t go for walks or swimming when the water is swelling a lot.

Do not stray far from the beach, beware of currents (avoid the lagoon pass) and follow all the lifeguard’s instructions.
Wear reef shoes to protect your feet from the coral reef and sea urchins in the lagoon. However you must refrain from walking on the coral and taking any, even dead pieces: it is protected. Anyone who takes pieces of coral has to pay a huge fine.