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Tamil New Year


Prayers, gifts and festivities


The Tamil New Year is celebrated on the 14th April 2021 by the Indian community. The “Malbars” as they are called on Reunion Island, celebrate the beginning of a new year.
Tamil New Year is also known as Puthandu and it is the day when the god Brahma began to create the universe, and when Vishnou was reincarnated into Matsaya, the fish. It is also a day of new beginnings, when the Sun enters the Taurus constellation.

Baths of purification, thanks to the gods, gifts, sharing, new clothing, religious ceremonies all take place on this special day to begin the new year.

Due to the health crisis and the measures applicable in Reunion, a majority of the planned festivities are canceled or restricted.

“Pouttandou Vajtoukkel  5122!” – “Happy New Year 5122!”