Belouve, a primary forest

An enchanted tropical forest
  • Intensely Biodiverse
  • Land of mist

The world of the Elves

We have discovered the most magical tropical forest: Bélouve, perched on a plateau 1,300m above sea level in the East of Reunion Island. Welcome to the kingdom of the highland tamarind!

Before we set off on the path, we stop once more to admire the panoramic view of the cirque of Salazie below. Bélouve extends on a plateau, 1,300m above sea level, that can only be reached by a track from Plaine-des-Palmistes. The edge of the rampart offers spectacular views of the greenest cirque in Reunion Island.

Bélouve is a moist forest at altitude: we saw this at the beginning of the trail where the vegetation was still dripping with the last rain. In several places there are wooden walkways to help us cross the muddier areas more easily. Here, the hike is really accessible to everyone including children and seniors: this is just one of the charms of this alluring place.


In the land of the tamarinds

As we advance through this exuberant undergrowth, we are seized by an almost supernatural atmosphere. The sunlight, beautifully filtered by the high branches, plays with the patches of mist. We almost expect to see a wizard as we round the corner!

The tortuous shapes only add to the magical atmosphere. This indigenous Reunion Island tree, which takes several decades to grow, provides precious wood for woodworking.
As far as the eye can see, there are tree ferns, tree trunks covered in moss and wild orchids, and birds playing in the boughs. A unique biodiversity!


Balcony over Trou de Fer

The path leads to a breathtaking viewpoint over the Trou de Fer and its endless waterfalls.
We reach the small natural balcony over Trou de Fer, its flared bottom and walls lined with waterfalls several hundred meters high. I will never tire of this hypnotic spectacle.

As time passes, the mist invades the forest. It’s time for us to retrace our steps. We delve once more into the magic of Bélouve for one last view of those enchanting images

A “fantastic”, “unreal” atmosphere

A spectacular viewpoint: Trou de Fer 

A spectacular viewpoint : le Trou de Fer