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Head in the stars
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The magic of the southern skies

Enjoy the unique experience of a night under the stars in Reunion Island! Reunion’s highlands are a great observation point to discover the wonders of the southern skies.

Nothing is more magical than a session observing the celestial vastness, when billions of stars are on display. The experience is even more intense in Reunion Island, in the cool of its uplands, under a clear, cloudless sky.
Far from the bustle and city lights, in the vast silence of nature, we slip under our duvets, eyes fixed on the heavens above. We chose a moonless night to better enjoy a glittering sky. Two thousand metres above sea level, our eyes are two kilometres closer to the universe we gaze in awe at: and that makes a big difference!


Milky Way and shooting stars

Our minds wander through the cloud of light that makes up the Milky Way and its long, luminous trail. As the minutes pass, our eyes distinguish a growing number of stars and galaxies, when they’re not distracted by the flash of a shooting star.
We struggle to comprehend the tremendous distances separating all its celestial bodies, the infinite time the light from a star takes to reach our little planet. Where are we in the midst of this immensity, and where are the limits of the universe?
The night continues, we have stars in our eyes … and in our cameras. It’s decided: tomorrow night, we’ll definitely discover more of the southern sky at the Makes Observatory, Reunion Island’s astronomical observatory, perched on the mountains in the south of the island!

A magic moment to enjoy all year

Head in the stars on the summits of Reunion Island

See a shooting star … Make a wish!