Explore the South of Reunion Island by buggy

From Mont-Vert les Hauts to the coast Mountain
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Meet Teddy

Guaranteed thrills and beautiful scenery !

Portrait Teddy Buggy AdventurePortrait Teddy -Buggy Adventure
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Reunion Island is

My native land and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Today I am the pilot !

Today I’m heading to the South of Reunion Island, to Mont-Vert les Hauts to be precise.
Teddy is busy cleaning his machines when I arrive at his establishment, Crazy Adventures Réunion.
We leave as a group to explore the South of Reunion Island with a very original mode of transport: a buggy!
It’s sure to be a unique and exciting experience. Off we go!


The off-road buggy: the perfect mode of transport for an original experience

Teddy is from the area and knows the south of the island like the back of his hand. Because of this, he decided to start his own business offering original trips out on unusual vehicles, buggies.

These small vehicles have one big advantage; they can easily move along narrow or rugged paths, while ensuring the safety of the passengers. Teddy has 4 different sizes available, with different levels of power. Everyone can choose the vehicle that suits them.
After making sure everyone is equipped with a helmet, Teddy gives us a brief explanation of how to drive these vehicles. I was surprised that it seems so easy and in just a few minutes we were already ready for our adventure. Off we go to the Wild South Coast to explore the hidden (and not so hidden) treasures…

A traditional and sensational discovery of the South of Reunion Island

Very quickly we get onto the paths which run alongside the many sugar cane fields in the area. The path is a pretty good one so it eases us into the experience nice and slowly. Teddy knows everyone here: that’s why he was able to ask the farmers for permission to use their private paths.

We are lucky to be here and make sure we thank the farmers with a wave of the hand as we pass them. We start to catch a glimpse of the ocean for the first time, stretching out before us. It is the end of the sugar cane season here in Reunion Island and we come across several more tractors loaded up with crops. We stop off regularly to take in the breath-taking views that Teddy shows us, overlooking the south coast of the island, from the village of Entre-Deux to Saint-Pierre, not-to-mention the black sand beach of Etang Salé. It’s sensational!

After winding around the Piton Mont-Vert, a volcanic crater that is a superb area of unspoilt nature, we then start our descent towards the Grand-Bois Lagoon, along red dirt roads and stony paths. It’s very bumpy aboard the buggy, the suspension is working hard, but we amble along pretty easily. We pass by pineapple and chili plantations and past groves with the scent of citrus fruits. At this time of the season, lychees are at arm’s reach and we don’t hesitate to sneak a few as we pass by.

When we arrive at the Grand-Bois Lagoon, we stop off for a refreshing break. This beach is just a few minutes away from Saint-Pierre and is a pretty beach with coral sand. The perfect opportunity to rinse the dirt from our faces.

We head back up to the highlands, stopping off at the Cap de Petite-Ile, one of the treasures of the South of Reunion Island. In the shade of the casuarinas, we enjoy some fresh fruit juice and local cake whilst admiring the superb view over what is known as “the island of birds”.
This area is protected and again we are lucky to be one of the few to see it: Teddy has some great places for us to explore!


Thrills and rushes of adrenaline aboard the buggy

As we go back up, the paths are becoming narrower and narrower and more and more rugged: “Now’s the time for some excitement…” says Teddy, with a smile on his face.

We head slowly into a forest which gives us some much-needed shade and we discover some native species such as the superb tree ferns.  We cross over several streams with running water, muddy roads and passages invaded by plants and shrubbery. It is in fact Teddy and his friends who come here to clear the paths so that the buggies can get through. It’s a bumpy ride but the buggies are coping fine and Teddy even picks up the speed a bit for even more thrills, much to our pleasure!

The day ends up in the highlands of the South of Reunion Island, just at the entrance to Notre Dame de la Paix Forest for one last spectacular view of the day. From up here, we can see our entire itinerary of the morning. The sheer diversity of the landscapes, the multitude of paths we explored, the thrills and laughs made this morning of adventures the perfect taste of the treasures on offer on Reunion Island… Nar trouv Teddy!

The diversity of landscapes.

A fun morning out, suitable for the whole family or with friends. 

An off-road trip, along dirt roads, over obstacles and with breath-taking views.