Massage on the lagoon

Relaxation and wellness
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Meet Didier

Enjoy a couples massage on the waters of the lagoon and a relaxation session by the sea

Reunion Island is

A kind of alchemy

Your perfect day

In the forest, at Belouve for example, in silence

Your favourite place


Your passion

Qigong, painting, hiking

Your favourite dish

Sausage rougail

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Norah Jones

Massage on the water

After a relaxation session looking out over the La Saline lagoon, we tried out Didier’s acupressure massage on a special paddle board. A moment of relaxation to experience as a couple, lulled by the water of the lagoon and the sound of the waves.
Taking time out and finding yourself. That’s what’s on the agenda for our morning with Didier, who is waiting for us on ​ La Saline beach. Our masseur has already made sure to set out cushions for us, in the shade of un umbrella looking out to the lagoon, an intense blue.
Mindfulness meditation and self-massage

The first step in this experience is listening to our senses: breathing better. There’s a gentle breeze, we close our eyes, to relax completely. With his guidance, Didier shows us techniques for calmer, deeper and more relaxing breathing. “To breathe properly, you have to work at it, he insists, in a soothing voice. Try and do this ​alternate nostril breathing ​, with one nostril and then the other, every morning to start the day.”
He also introduces us to ​self-massage ​, helping us to identify which ​acupressure ​ points to stimulate, depending on our needs. Fatigue, stress, migraines and muscle tensions: we explore different methods to relieve everyday minor ailments.


Massage on the water

Now it’s time to discover our rather unusual massage table. It doesn’t actually look anything like a ​paddle board as we had imagined. Didier has transformed it into a floating massage table, with ergonomic cushions and sheer curtains, to protect us from the sun. We can’t wait to get on it.

After the couples relaxation, we take turns for the massage: while one of us sips a detox cocktail in a deckchair set up by Didier, the other one enjoys a massage. Then we swap over.
I’m the first to climb on board this strange vessel. Once my head is resting on the cushion, I’m in complete darkness. Didier exerts pressure on each part of the body: the back, the legs, the feet, the hands and the neck. No need for massage oil, he wets his hands with sea water, and the sensation on the skin is really enjoyable. It’s also much better for the fragile ecosystem of the lagoon.

No longer able to rely on sight, all my other senses are magnified, which only increases the benefits of the massage. The touch of the sea breeze on my skin, minute temperature changes that I feel as I let my arms float, and the sound of the waves crashing on the coral reef – the sensations are quite unexpected. Tensions gradually disappear, as I let myself be lulled by the tranquil waters of the lagoon. I wanted this moment to last for ever!

But then it was time to change places and head back to the sand. To bring me gently back to reality, Didier tells me to get in the beach mat, and enjoy the detox water that he has prepared. A refreshing cocktail that I sip while admiring the lagoon.

An unusual and soothing massage on the water

Sipping a detox cocktail on the beach

An introduction to self-massage