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Meet Didier

Enjoy a couples massage on the waters of the lagoon and a relaxation session by the sea

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A massage lulled by the waters

This morning we decided to give ourselves an ultimate relaxing and pampering moment. We met Didier, our masseur, at the Planch’Alizée beach restaurant, for our one-of-a-kind experience. Luckily, we tried the acupressure massage on a paddle board with him.

We had a relaxing moment for two, lulled by the gentle, soothing waters and the sound of the waves. What a wonder to just live the moment and spend some quality time together. Here is what Didier had in store for our morning at La Saline beach.


A Massage on the Water

We had instructions to meet at the Planch’Alizée beach restaurant. Feet in the sand and with a big smile, Didier was waiting for us facing the lagoon.

We introduced ourselves and then he told us what we could expect from our relaxing morning.  We took turns enjoying the massage. While one was sipping a fresh fruit cocktail on a sun lounger, contemplating the crystal-clear lagoon, the other was enjoying the massage, rocked by the movement of the water and the paddle board.

The massage was done 30 metres from the shore. During the walk in the lagoon Didier was keen to make us aware of the how the marine environment could be protected and safeguarded.

As I arrived at a rather atypical massage table, this paddle board was not anything like the one I had expected to see. Didier had converted it into an actual floating massage table, with ergonomically designed cushions and a surrounding frame with drapes, to protect us from the sun. I could not wait to lie down on it.

I climbed the first on the strange boat. Once my head was on the cushion, in complete darkness, I closed my eyes. Didier massaged pressure points all over the body, on the back, legs, feet, hands, and neck. No need some massage oils, he just used sea water to moisten his hands. The sensation on the skin was most pleasant and the method was more environmentally friendly!

Deprived of the beautiful view, my other senses increased tenfold, and this added to the benefits of the massage. The sea breeze blowed on my skin. I could feel the micro temperatures changes letting my arms floating and listen to the sound of the waves crashing over the coral reef. I had never felt anything quite like this before : my worries was melting away as I was lulled by the comforting waters of the lagoon. I wished this could last forever !

When my time to head back to the beach come, Didier suggested that I relax on my sun lounger and enjoy some tropical fruit juice. While sipping my refreshing cocktail and admiring the lagoon, I was gently brought back to reality being rested and relaxed.

An unusual and soothing massage on the water

Sipping a detox cocktail on the beach

An introduction to self-massage