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Getting in the boat on Rivière des Marsouins

La Rivière des Marsouins, in the East of the island, is an ideal place to go kayak-rafting. You should try it!

The East of Reunion Island is undoubtedly the island’s wettest region. The plentiful rain nourishes the exuberant vegetation and feeds the rivers which are ideal for white-water rafting. Particularly La Rivière des Marsouins, where today we have decided to try out kayak-rafting.

Pascal, our guide, shows us the one-man kayaks, which give you a great feeling of sliding. Very light, the kayak-raft is also very manoeuvrable and quite effortless: with two strokes of the paddle I’ve managed to turn 360° on the spot.!

A heavenly location

We reach the banks of la Rivière des Marsouins by crossing a lychee plantation, near Ilet Coco. Wearing wetsuits and life jackets, with helmets on our heads, we’re ready to get in the water. Crystal clear water in a little corner of paradise: it’s a stunning spot, surrounded by peaceful countryside which makes us feel like we’re alone in the world.

The first rapids bring us back to reality! On the banks there are rows of lychees and coconut palms. We quickly understand that we’re in for a thrilling time and that we need to stay focused and listen to Pascal’s advice before each tricky section. We have to stay on course and keep on paddling. I didn’t do too badly, I even managed to keep on track through the difficult rocky section.

Turbulent water

Pascal suggests we take a break, we leave the kayaks on the bank to plunge into the water and play with the turbulent current. The more adventurous among us climb onto a rock to make some spectacular dives. Our crazy descent resumes. Oops, I missed a turn and ended up in the water! With one hand I catch my kayak and with a big push I get back on board. The water in la Rivière des Marsouins is so refreshing!

We’re getting near to the end. A marsh harrier, Reunion Island’s emblematic bird of prey, sweeps majestically through the sky. This little corner of nature, so peaceful, is well worth getting to know. Before going our separate ways, we share a delicious punch, mixed by Pascal. We promise to return in the lychee season, for an even more magical spectacle.

“Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To be consumed in moderation”

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