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Webcam l'Hermitage La Passe beach

Webcam Hermitage so you can see the weather there almost live

The Hermitage high-definition webcam located at the “Passe” offers a 240-degree view. With an update every 15 minutes, so you can see the weather there almost live.
Want to have a good time with family or friends? In the shade of the filaos for a picnic or kitted out to explore the lagoon with mask and snorkel, the beach at Hermitage is the perfect spot.
Protected by a coral barrier, the beach at Hermitage near Saint-Gilles-les-Bains on the popular west coast of the commune of Saint-Paul lets you enjoy the lagoon in perfect tranquillity in its shallow turquoise waters.
For safety reasons, don’t get too close to the “Passe” because of the strong currents there. There is a bathing area supervised by the MNS station marked out by yellow buoys.
In the lagoon, you can see lots of coral fish and may be lucky enough to come across some turtles.
The beach is also a great place for a walk or a little jogging at sunset.

Webcam and weather station

Panorama HD

Video of the beach in the village of l'Hermitage

Panorama HD beach village de l'Hermitage