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The Volcano

Magma negroni

A cocktail proposed by mixologist Guillaume C.Leblanc
A word from the mixologist

Travelling around the Land of Lava is choosing a one-way ticket to another world. An unpredictable world where the freezing cold rubs shoulders with a blazing sun, where silence resonates with spectacular intensity.

Reunion Island’s volcano unveils its lunar and enigmatic world.


The cocktail recipe

Glass: Old-fashioned

The ingredients


  • 4.5 cl Savanna Must rum
  • 2 cl Campari infused with wild pepper
  • 2 cl Dolin red vermouth


  • Coconut stout emulsion from Dalons brewery and activated carbon

Preparing the coconut stout emulsion

  • 33 cl Les Dalons coconut stout
  • 20 g Egg white
  • 35 g Cane sugar
  • 1.5 g Xanthan gum
  • 0.4 g Plant carbon

Degas the beer

Put all the ingredients in a syphon

Close the syphon

Add 2 nitrogen cartridges

Leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes

Keep chilled

Preparation time : 7 minutes + 20 minutes resting time

Campari with wild pepper

  • 20 cl Campari
  • 10 wild pepper corns

Put the Campari and pepper into a blender Filter using a tea towel

Put into a bottle

Keep chilled

Preparation time : 5 min


  • Mixing glass


  • Clear ice cube

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