In the world of flavour, aromas and mixology, Guillaume Leblanc needs no introduction on Reunion Island, where he is a reference in the art of mixing cocktails. Portrait of a mixologist with a passion who has mastered the art of innovation, left his bold mark on the local bar scene and inspired cocktail lovers in search of brand new taste sensations.

A quest for innovation in a changing world

Guillaume’s passion for the bar scene began at a young age, marking the beginning of a fascinating voyage in which he has successfully reinvented the codes of modern mixology. His career started with a training course at a hotel and catering school in Paris, where he perfected his barman skills and stood out from the crowd at prestigious international competitions. His talent and determination didn’t go unnoticed, opening the doors of 4-star hotels. But Guillaume felt the need to explore another, less hierarchical world that would allow him greater freedom to unleash his creativity. The bar scene of the early 2000s was very different from the one we know today. But that never stopped Guillaume, whose ambition launched him enthusiastically on a quest for innovation and novelty. In 2014, a much-awaited opportunity arose and Guillaume didn’t hesitate to seize this unique chance. Granted carte blanche to develop a bar, he decided to tackle the ambitious challenge of relaunching Tiki culture both in France and abroad. Showcasing the quality of rums and spirits, fresh fruits and novel techniques, he breathed new life into this sector with a fun, modern touch that only added to its splendour. Having acquired valuable skills in the bar that had profoundly influenced him, Guillaume Leblanc chose to launch himself on a new venture as a consultant.  This decision gave him the opportunity to develop his own projects, working alongside prestigious brand names and creating an unprecedented programme in collaboration with one of the island’s rum distillers.

A passion for ‘in-house creations’ to achieve excellence

During his 2017 travels in the Caribbean and Reunion Island, Guillaume literally fell in love with rum and all the possibilities this beverage offered. In particular, a visit to the Savanna distillery, which produces exceptional rum, remained firmly in his memory. This adventure also gave him the opportunity to explore, try the local products of our island and take fresh inspiration for his creations. As a mixology artist and taste artisan, Guillaume strives to gain a perfect knowledge of each product, from the sweeteners and spices to the different citrus and other fruits, as well as the huge variety of spirits. He has a passion for ‘home recipes’ and is convinced that an outstanding cocktail begins with a love of excellence and high-quality ingredients.

Creations that promise a voyage of the senses

To Guillaume, each cocktail is a canvas on which he paints a landscape of unique sensations. He turns every tasting experience into an unforgettable journey across different lands packed with authentic tastes and captivating aromas: La Belle Dionysienne, O’Temps Lontan, Jardin Mystique, Magma Negroni, L’écume sauvage, Dans les nuages, Sunset au lagon… Each of these cocktails creates an atmosphere corresponding to one of Reunion Island’s 7 regions. Guillaume Leblanc’s unleashed imagination generates a world that’s all about innovation and creativity, in which he becomes the creator of sensations that remain forever in the hearts of anyone who has the opportunity of drinking his unique cocktails.


“If I were...”

A Reunion speciality

Ti jacque boucané and lima beans

A local product


A favourite spot for a meal

Le P’tit Bistro Réunionnais