After moving to mainland France, talented chef Ludovic Amédée has listened to his heart and returned to the island where he was born to bring his own personal twist to the cuisine of Reunion Island. Inspired by the landscapes, local products and traditions, Ludovic has successfully created a unique Reunion-style gastronomy experience, to be enjoyed in the magical green setting of the Villa Fleurié restaurant in Saint-Denis.

A return to the roots for a creative cuisine that reflects an identity

Ludovic initially studied science before turning towards his true passion, cookery. As a cooking apprentice, he obtained a professional qualification and decided to become a chef. Aiming for the best, he joined the Paul Bocuse Institute where he perfected his skills at the most prestigious establishments. Building on this solid experience, Ludovic decided to return to his homeland in 2019. He had his sights set on showcasing Reunion dishes, adding an innovative twist while retaining the traditions behind the very identity of ‘pei’ cuisine. Inspired by the culinary world he had become familiar with in mainland France, the chef decided to take Reunion cuisine one step further. So he began incorporating local products like mango ginger and kaffir lime into his dishes to give them a bold, sophisticated twist. To this chef, each dish must tell a story and revive memories with every forkful. He aims to plunge every diner into the atmosphere of Reunion Island and impress them with a brand new take on Reunion cuisine that has a deep-rooted identity but is also decidedly creative.

The importance of calmly taking a step back

The chef takes his inspiration in the hills of Reunion Island, where the ravines meet the sky and time seems to pass more slowly, as if suspended. To Ludovic, cooking is also about taking the time to stop and wait, before calmly reconsidering things with a little hindsight. This ‘territorial’ approach is reflected in his cooking, a harmonious blend of traditional Reunion dishes and modern style. His dishes are presented in a straightforward and natural manner that highlights the ingredients and flavours.

The Reunion gastronomy experience

Throughout his career as a chef, Ludovic Amédée has consistently shown a passion for gourmet cuisine and for the island that has led him to the summits of gastronomy. His unique approach and his desire to see the culinary traditions of Reunion evolve have made him a key figure on the local culinary scene. Hence, Ludovic represents a new generation of chefs who are shaping the future of Creole cuisine. Nowadays, at Villa Fleurié, Ludovic aims to offer gourmets and food lovers an amazing culinary voyage through the island’s Creole flavours.


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