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The Bird of Paradise

is an iconic plant of Creole gardens

A plant of intense colors

The Bird of Paradise is a must-have flower in the gardens of Reunion Island. It adds bright yellow and red shades to the Creole vegetation. The Bird of Paradise is not an endemic plant of Reunion Island, in fact it originates from South Africa! Since it was brought to the ultimate island, it has become a key part of the Reunion island plant world. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual-looking plant!

Did you know ?

The Bird of Paradise belongs to the same plant family as banana trees. It can sometimes reach a height of 2 metres !

Why is it called “Bird of Paradise” ?

Contrary to what the name will have you believe, the Bird of Paradise is in fact a plant! It is also known as Strelitzzia regianae, named after Charlotte Van Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the wife of King George III of England. But this plant is above-all known for its magnificent flowers and their surprising resemblance to a bird’s head. It is also sometimes referred to as a Crane Flower.

Where can we find the Bird of Paradise on Reunion Island ?

The Bird of Paradise is a tropical flower, meaning it has certain requirements to be able to thrive! In the wild, this plant grows near rivers or in forest clearings, because it thrives in humid and sunny places. To see these pretty flowers, come and take a stroll around the Creole gardens while you’re on Reunion Island.

The language of flowers

Do you speak Bird of Paradise? The plant has many meanings!

It represents joy, as well as freedom and luck. Some even say that this plant brings good luck…

Places to observe

Birds of paradise



The Creole gardens of Reunion Island

How do you take care of a Bird of Paradise ?

If you are not lucky enough to live on Reunion Island and to benefit from the tropical climate there, we have some tips for looking after your Birds of Paradise !

The Bird of Paradise doesn’t like freezing temperatures so we recommend you plant it in a pot

For the winter season, make sure the plant stays in a room where the temperature never dips below 10 degrees.

In the summer, remember to water your beautiful plant regularly.

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