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The fruit and vegetables of Reunion Island


To really see the sheer diversity of fruit and vegetables on the island, all you have to do is take a stroll around the markets of Reunion Island. The colours, scents and tastes on the market stalls will provide an experience that awakens all the senses !

A few words about the tropical climate of Reunion Island

The soil of Reunion Island is ideal for growing all sorts of fruit and vegetables, thanks to the sun, sea air and the particularly fertile volcanic earth. It’s not a surprise that there are so many fruit and vegetables in the traditional cuisine of Reunion Island.

Did you know ?

There are several microclimates on Reunion Island, depending on the region, you could experience all kinds of different weather conditions, sometimes even during the same day.

The fruit of Reunion Island

The fruit of Reunion Island can be enjoyed for any occasion, in a salad, jam or simply served with a delicious sweet Créole pâté.

Did you know

There are 50 different species of mangoes on Reunion Island !

The vegetables of Reunion Island

There are plenty of vegetables on Reunion Island! Cilaos lentils are particularly popular, and there are a number of other vegetables to be found in the dishes of Reunion Island.

  • Christophine
  • Manioc
  • Sweet Potato
  • “Brèdes” (Local green)
  • Cucumber

Can we take fruit from Reunion Island back ?

Yes and no! Generally, there’s no problem in taking fruit from Reunion Island back to mainland France, but there are some exceptions to the rule! This is the case for mangoes, peppers, lemons, chilis and kafir limes. It is strictly forbidden to leave Reunion Island with these items, in order to prevent the spread of the oriental fruit fly.

You are also not authorised to bring fruit and vegetables from mainland France to the ultimate island! Why is that? It could be dangerous for the local ecosystem to import plants that could disturb the plant species of Reunion Island.