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© Lionel Ghighi



Coconut palms grace Creole gardens, main avenues and farming estates, where they are grown in coconut groves. This tropical tree, full of natural resources, is a palm tree that grows in tropical regions, where it can reach up to 30m tall, and bears fruit all year round. A coconut can measure up to 30 centimetres in diameter. The immature fruit is smooth and pale green in colour, turning to orange-brown when the nut is ripe. It is covered with a thick layer of fibres and a shell surrounding the white nut, which can be enjoyed without moderation.

A typical island fruit

Coconuts are ubiquitous in the island’s markets, especially in Saint-Paul, where the environment is particularly conducive to growing coconut palms. This is also the reason why a coconut festival is organised here in August each year. The event highlights the coconut in all its forms, featuring a competition for the best coconut-tree climber, introductory braiding workshops, craft exhibitions showcasing the use of coconut fibre, produce sales and tastings.