5 original activities in the water

Experience moments out of the ordinary

Between sunbathing and enjoying a glass of lemonade with the children, why not enjoy the turquoise-blue waters of the West Coast? There are endless possibilities for poetic, unusual or relaxing aquatic activities on Reunion Island. Come and cool off in the water with our top 5 activities in, on or under the water!

An exceptional meeting!

Partir à la rencontre des dauphins à La Réunion
Partir à la rencontre des dauphins à La Réunion
Partir à la rencontre des dauphins à La Réunion

2. Explore the lagoon in a transparent kayak

To explore all the treasures of the West Coast, a trip out on the lagoon is an absolute must. Sheltered from the turbulence and waves of the Indian Ocean by the barrier reef, come and observe the seabed aboard a transparent kayak.  While paddling, you can admire the beauty of the corals and diversity of the multicoloured exotic fish swimming around below your kayak. Don’t hesitate to take the time to pause in a few places or dive in with a mask and snorkel to admire this underwater world even closer. At sunset this experience becomes even more surreal! Back on the fine sand of Trou d’Eau beach, in La Saline, you’ll be needing a cocktail to bring yourself back down to earth.

3. Get a massage on the water, for a feeling of weightlessness

The West Coast of the island is renowned for its warmth, relaxing atmosphere and dream-like setting, the ultimate relaxation for mind and body! Just imagine floating on the water, diving into the clear waters and all this, in the expert hands of a professional. All you need to do is go to the beach in La Saline and let the guide take care of you. You’ll be lying on a paddle board, disguised as a floating massage table with parasols and cushions. The experience begins with a hydromassage to relax your muscles and ease your mind, in the shade with a light breeze brushing your skin.   The masseuse uses a specific technique to relieve all the muscle tension, using only the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon! All you have to do is lie back and let the gentle lapping waters carry you away. You’ll be memerised…

Massage on the lagoon

Run-of-river disconnection

4. Stargazing in the sea

Astronomy, quite simply

Between sky and sea

Treasures are not always buried in the ground. Sometimes to find them, all you have to do is look up! Reunion Island is the perfect place to get an introduction to astronomy and to observe the wonders of the night sky. In the island’s highlands, where you are closer to the stars, and out at sea on the West Coast! Far from any light pollution, set off aboard a catamaran just as the sun is setting, to explore the Milky Way from the sea. Once the sun has dipped below the horizon, lulled by the waves of the Indian Ocean, look up and your guide will tell you all about the different constellations. A magical experience for the whole family.

Southern Sky Cruise

Observation des étoiles à bord d'un catamaran
Observation des étoiles à bord d'un catamaran
Observation des étoiles à bord d'un catamaran

5. Create an underwater work of art!

You’ve heard of deep-sea diving. And the more simple version of snorkelling ? But did you know it’s possible to sketch underwater? Dive into the lagoon in La Saline, swim around the corals take advantage of the crystal-clear waters to let your imagination run wild! Equipped with magic chalks that are resistant to sea water, you can sketch on a board that has been designed especially to be used underwater. When you come back up to the surface, the sun brings the colours of the chalks to life and you can admire your creation. The “Picassos” of the seabed will finally be able to unleash their talent and leave with a fantastic souvenir !

A playful moment underwater

For the creative little ones

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