Colorful experiences

From the blue lagoon of La Saline to the orange-tinted sunsets at the end of the day, the pale yellow Savannah and the green palm trees at the Etang Saint-Paul, the pallet of colours on the West Coast of Reunion Island is enough to inspire the greatest of artists. Are you ready to be dazzled? Discover the most beautiful colours of the Land of Light.        


Intensely refreshing

“If you stare into the abyss for long enough, the abyss starts to look back at you”. This quote from Friedrich Nietzsche captures how we feel here when we look into the depths of the Indian ocean. With the pure and intense shades of blue, the ocean is refreshing for both the body and mind. We begin to dream of underwater adventures, of lost cities under the surface and sapphire-coloured treasures. We blink our eyes before coming back up to the surface. We can see the West coast.


The translucent blue of the lagoon in La Saline is both light and bright, reflecting the true essence of the Land of Light. It’s the ultimate shade of relaxation, the one we find on picture-perfect postcards and on those purely relaxing days when time seemingly stands still. It’s impossible to forget the blue lagoon and the colours of your intense holiday on Reunion Island.

 Intensely exhilarating

 Red shades have now taken over the smouldering sky of Reunion Island. Night-time is upon us and with it comes the festive atmosphere of the evening. A cocktail in your hand, the music from the Saint-Leu rondavels behind you, you can enjoy the dazzling view of the ocean. Both soft and intense shades blend on the horizon as the sun goes down.