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Ultimate relaxation on the West Coast

Recharge your batteries in Reunion Island! 

The legends speak of a treasure on the West Coast but it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of! The real wealth of the Land of Light lies above all in the easy-going lifestyle and invitation to simply let go. In the shade of the casuarinas, with the gentle breeze, the body and mind are lulled into complete relaxation so you can take advantage of the elements. Take a deep breath and take the time to discover the programme for our day of ultimate relaxation on the West Coast of Reunion Island.

Awaken your senses little by little

The morning begins with a yoga session under the casuarinas, facing the magnificent Ermitage lagoon. Lay out your yoga mat, take a sip of detox water and switch your mobile phone off so you can focus only on the present moment. The silence on this deserted beach is broken only by sound of the waves of the Indian Ocean breaking onto the coral reef and the singing of the birds, as we begin our yoga postures facing the sea. We go from the half-moon to the lotus flower poses, as the sun starts to slowly warm up our muscles.

Little by little, our breathing becomes deeper, calmer and the whole body goes into a state of relaxation. 

Once we’ve completely let go, it’s time to go and work on our suntan! We lie down on our towel, a smile on our face thinking of all the things we won’t be getting around to doing today. We’ll be hanging up the ‘do not disturb’ sign for the next 24 hours. All around us, the warm sun of Reunion Island leaves a golden tint on our skin and we really start to feel like we’re on holiday.

Get your balance

After talking to a runner, we decide to try out a stand-up paddle lesson on the lagoon at the Trou d’Eau beach in La Saline. Once we arrive, we observe, try to remember the advice given and then attempt it ourselves! After the first few attempts, we fall into the water and it’s pretty refreshing!  Finally, we find our balance and surprisingly manage to paddle across the water with ease. We admire the view out to sea, the landscapes of the Highlands of the West and we can even see the multicoloured fish swimming about in the crystal-clear water.

Looking tanned and feeling relaxed and light as a feather, we set off to find somewhere to eat on the beach. We opt for a pretty, organic and healthy restaurant. On the menu: fresh mango juice and swordfish tartar with chilies, local ‘péi’ lemons and coriander! We treat ourselves out on the terrace overlooking the sea and end our meal on a sweet note, with a delicious homemade tangor sorbet. The friendly atmosphere in the restaurant makes it very easy to strike up a conversation. We share our experiences and recommendations with other customers and leave with a smile on our faces.

At the end of the day, the sky turns bright red and the music from the traditional rondavels gets louder, making it difficult to resist a cocktail to kick off the evening. We head back to Ermitage beach to watch the sunset, with a drink in our hand , the sun disappears slowly until there’s just a thin, burning line on the horizon. After an acoustic Sega concert and some dance moves, we end this day of relaxation on Reunion Island in a seaside hotel. Listening to the gentle lapping of the waves, we taste a freshly caught makaire, grilled on the plancha and served with a Bourbon vanilla sauce.