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The Creole picnic

A true institution !

With family, friends or lovers !

Picnics are a tradition on Reunion Island, a time to recharge your batteries. All year long, whatever the season, at the weekend or during the school holidays, the islanders spend time together and enjoy the many picnic and recreation areas on the island.

With their family, friends or lovers, families find a spot in the Highlands, or the Lowlands, in town centres, near a waterfall or a river, overlooking the ocean, right on the water’s edge, on the edge of the forest, in the shade of the filao and coconut palms, in unusual places or on wooded, landscaped, grassy and shady recreation areas which often have playgrounds for children.
You can’t fail to miss the picnickers when you’re on holiday in Reunion Island. But you won’t see any sandwiches, salad, sausage or cheese. Picnics on Reunion Island are a true institution, a Creole way of life! On the menu there will be rice, caris cooked over a wood fire in huge pots, rougails and plenty of other delicaciesa truly authentic experience.

The most popular picnic areas can be found in the following locations

In the North

Colorado Park, Plaine d’Affouches, Brûlé forest, Pic Adam in the hills of Saint-Denis.

In the West


The beaches at Etang-Salé, Saint-Leu, La Saline-les-Bains, L’Ermitage, Petit Boucan, the sea front at Saint-Paul and the Tamarins forest road.

In the East

Parc de Bois Madame in Sainte-Marie, Le Bocage and the Niagara waterfall in Sainte-Suzanne, Parc du Colosse in Saint-André Takamaka, Bassin Bleu, Anse des Cascades and Bois Blanc forest.

In the cirques

 Bébour Bélouve forest, the banks of the Fleurs Jaunes river, Roche Merveilleuse, Mare à Martin, the Mafate forest road.

On the plains

Petite Plaine, the volcano forest road, Bois Court.

In the South

Gol park, Fenêtre des Makes, the sea front at Saint-Pierre

In the Wild South

 Pointe du Tremblet, Saint-Philippe port, the forest of Mare Longue, Cap Méchant, Langevin river, Manapany and Grande Anse.

Don’t forget to take your rubbish away with you and leave the place clean and tidy.

The story has only just begun !

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