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What is there to do on Reunion Island ?

IN 5, 7, 10 OR 15 DAYS

You can expect some amazing adventures on the ultimate island

According to your preferences, visit, explore and get some incredible experiences on the ultimate island. There’s something for everyone: nature, culture, leisure activities and gastronomy. Reunion Island has so much to offer, for a unique holiday and unforgettable memories. Tour operators offer holiday package deals to Reunion Island. Whether you’re planning on exploring Reunion Island for 5, 7, 10 or 15 days, we’ve come up with a programme for you, full of must-sees while you’re on the island. Reunion Island is full of treasures, and the list provided here of what you can do on the ultimate island is far from complete.

Explore Reunion Island in 5 days

Day 1: Explore the Cirque of Mafate on a helicopter or on foot for a revitalising experience

Day 2: Relax on the beach and try out some water-based activities such as paddle-boarding, sailing and snorkelling, in the 26°C turquoise-blue waters of the lagoon, protected by a coral reef. Don’t leave without admiring the dolphins or whales during the austral winter off the coast of Reunion Island, or just go on a boat trip and watch the sunset.

Day 3: Begin your day with a visit to a Hindu temple in the east or a vanilla plantation right at the heart of Sainte-Rose forest. For lunch, stop off at Philippe Morel’s farm. This farmer loves to talk about the products on his farm, and then cook them for us.

Day 4: An unmissable visit: Plaine des Sables, an absolutely beautiful lunar landscape.

Day 5: Last but not least, time to head to the west of Reunion Island! If you are a thrill seeker, fly your own paraglider in Sainte-Leu.


What is there to do on Reunion Island in 7 days ?

Day 1: Hiking to Piton Maïdo, cross the sugar cane fields, forest and meet a geranium producer.

Day 2: Go to the seafront in Saint Paul to see the most beautiful market on the island

Day 3: Stop at Niagara Waterfall in Sainte Suzanne. Visit a multicoloured Tamil temple in Saint-André. Tour of a vanilla plantation. Carry on to the Cirque of Salazie. Stop in front of the Voile de la Mariée waterfall.

Day 4: Fly over the island in a helicopter, relax on the beach, water-based activities.

Day 5: Departure for the Cirque of Cilaos, along the 400 bends, overlooking the majestic Piton des Neiges, meet the lentils and wine producers, and the “Jour de Cilaos” embroiderers.

Day 6: Explore the Wild South Coast, Bourbon Pointu coffee in Grand Coude, Saint-Joseph

Day 7: Visit the town of Saint-Denis and go shopping at Grand Marché.

What is there to do on Reunion Island in 10 days ?

Day 1:

Go to the west and check-in to your hotel. Find out about the leisure activities on offer at the hotel and surrounding area, have lunch at a seaside restaurant.

Day 2:

Relax on the beach, water-based activities (swimming, snorkelling with the children, paddle-boarding), admire the sunset with your feet in the water.

Day 3:

Explore Maïdo, leave early to arrive for sunrise. If you decide to go hiking, head down the Maido and towards Roche Plate. Stay at a ‘Gîte de France’ in Mafate.

Day 4:

Go to Saint-Leu, beach, visit the Maison du Coco, take a tour of Kélonia (sea turtles centre), the Musée du Sel or the Musée Stella Matutina.

Day 5:

Discover Etang-Salé black sand beach, go for a walk along the coast, go on a segway tour through Etang-Salé forest.

Day 6: 

Saint-Pierre: the Saga du Rhum (find out all the secrets about Rum production, tasting session). Grand Anse beach, picnic

Day 7:

Cirque of Cilaos, explore the village, the arts and crafts shops, the Maison de la Broderie, the wine cellars, Bras-Rouge waterfall for a ‘cari canyoning’ experience,

Day 8:

Volcano – Piton de la Fournaisethe Plaine des Sables; a relaxing afternoon on the beach in Saint-Pierre, a walk round Saint-Pierre market

Day 9:

The Wild South Coast, Manapany-les-Bains, Langevin/Grand Galet waterfall, Cap Jaune, Puit des Anglais and the Jardin des Parfums et des Epices

Day 10:

Head to the east of the island: A tour of the vanilla plantation, stop off at the lava flow, lunch, Anse des Cascades, Notre-Dame des Laves, the Church of Sainte-Anne, Saint-André Hindu temple

Explore Reunion Island in 15 days

Day 1: Go to the west of the island and stay in charming accommodation in Saint-Leu, visit the Conservatoire Botanique de Mascarin.

Day 2: Hiking trip to the Piton de Neiges with an overnight stay at the Caverne Dufour mountain shelter. Admire sunrise over the Piton des Neiges (peak of the island at 3,071m).

Day 3: Sunbathing on the beach, swimming in Ermitage lagoon, snorkelling, an introduction to deep-sea diving in the west of the island, a boat trip at sunset.

Day 4: Discover the Piton de la Fournaise and the mysterious Plaine des Sables, explore a lava tunnel.

Day 5: Paraglide over the island, land on the beach in Saint-Leu, take a tour of the Musée Stella Matutina.

Day 6: Visit the Créole dwellings in Hell-Bourg in the Cirque of Salazie, stay overnight in a charming hotel.

Day 7: An easy way of seeing the Cirque of Cilaos! The Fenêtre des Makes viewpoint. Follow signs to Saint-Louis and then Les Makes. A forest road will lead you to the viewpoint “La Fenêtre”.

Day 8: Go canyoning in Cilaos at “Fleurs Jaunes” for a thrilling experience.

Day 9: Don’t miss the markets in Saint-Paul on Friday and Saturday mornings and Saint-Pierre market on Saturday mornings.

Day 10: Visit a Tamil temple and watch the fire walking ceremony, have a picnic on the beach, relax on the warm sand, swim in the lagoon. Go to a restaurant at the seafront. Roche Vert Bouteille hiking trip, for a view of the Cirque of Mafate.

Day 11: Take a tour of the Musée de Villèle in Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts, to learn about the history of the colonial period and slavery. Go for a swim at the beach and a cocktail in Boucan Canot.

Day 12: In the morning set off for the Rivière des Galets (in Le Port) in a 4×4 (to be booked in advance) to cross the river on the back on a pick-up truck, towards Deux Bras. When you arrive, walk to Ilet Cayenne and then stop for a picnic. In the evening, go to the “rondavelles” snack bars on the seafront in Saint-Leu.

Day 13: Cirque of Salazie: Voile de la mariée waterfall, Maison Folio, the ancient thermal baths, take a tour of the Museum for the music and instruments of the Indian Ocean or go hiking up to the Trou de Fer viewpoint

Day 14: Explore the pools and waterfalls of the east, go shopping at Grand Marché in Saint-Denis

Day 15: In the south, don’t miss the Grand Galet waterfall in Langevin. Go to Jacques and Marie Claude’s establishment in Grand Coude Saint-Joseph for a Bourbon Pointu coffee tasting session.

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