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Le Grand Raid 2023

The 31st Grand Raid trail race organised by the Grand Raid Association will take place from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 October 2023.

This world-famous ultra-trail race, also known as the ‘Diagonale des Fous’, is deemed to be one of the most difficult on the planet, but also the most extraordinary and the most spectacular, following a course between seashores and mountaintops. Three other competitions are also held alongside this key event in the sporting and cultural calendar of Reunion Island: the ‘Bourbon’ trail race, the ‘Mascareignes’ trail race and the ‘Zembrocal’ relay race.

More than 7,000 runners will be at the start line for the 4 races of the Grand Raid. For safety reasons, the rules and regulations are being reinforced. The only change concerns the Zembrocal relay race on Thursday 19 October, which will start at 5pm from Saint-Joseph town hall instead of the Caverne aux Hirondelles.

Participants and accompanying persons, launch yourselves into the adventure of this 31st édition  by finding out all about the courses, the number of signed-up runners, the elite participants, the staggered departures, the beautiful scenery and the unique biodiversity that awaits you on  ‘Reunion, the ultimate island’’: Piton de La Fournaise, the ‘pitons, cirques and ramparts’ UNESCO-listed world heritage features, and the  region of La Réunion National Park.

You’ll find full details of the 4 races in the press kit  provided by the Grand Raid association.

Grand Raid 2023:

  • Diagonale des Fous: Winner Français Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz – 2nd place Germain Grangier and 3rd Jean-Philippe Tschumi. Fabrice Payet was the leading runner from Reunion. Katie Schide came first in the women’s category.
  • Mascareignes: Loïc Boyer was first in the men’s race, Axelle Henry in the women’s.
  • Trail de Bourbon: Nicolas Gourdon in the men’s race, Angélique Lesport in the women’s.
    Florian Arnould, Léo Maillet, Antoine Marionneau and Tom Toussaint won the Zembrocal relay race.

A total of 7,107 runners are to take part in the 4 races, of which 4,199 are from Reunion Island, 2,545 from mainland France, and 443 from other countries.

François D’Haene will be at the start line on 19 October 2023, five years after his fourth and last victory in the Diagonale des Fous. Other favourites for this race are: Ludovic Pommeret (2021), Jean-Philippe Tschumi from Switzerland and Reunion-Islander Judicaël Sautron, not forgetting Germain Grangier, Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz and Alexandre Boucheix, as well as Spanish runner Jordi Gamito and the American, Jason Schlarb.

Reunion’s other local runners, including Romain Fontaine, Johny Olivar and Christopher Camachetty, will also be well and truly present in the Diagonale des Fous race.

Among the women, the favourites are: Katie Schide, Camille Bruyas, Lucie Jamsin, Emilie Maroteaux, Sylvaine Cussot and Marcelle Puy-Vienne.

  • 2,899 runners registered for the Diagonale des Fous: 1,243 from Reunion, 1,407 from mainland France and 249 from abroad.
  • 1,660 runners signed up for the Bourbon trail race: 1,138 from Reunion, 432 from mainland France and 90 from abroad.
  • 1,752 participants for the Mascareignes race, of which 1,204 from Reunion, 476 from mainland France and 72 from abroad.
  • The Zembrocal relay race in teams of 4 has 796 participants running in 199 teams: 534 from Reunion, 230 from mainland France and 32 from abroad.

The 30 years of the amazing adventure we call the Grand Raid of Reunion Island is recounted in a 352-page book written by Olivier Bessy and Michel Pousse and published by Editions Orphie. Entitled ‘Une folle diagonale’, this book revisits the 165-km adventure that crosses the island from South to North via its most spectacular mountainous terrain. Available from Editions Orphie.

Reward for your efforts! Enjoy unique experiences amid the different regions of the ultimate island. Take the opportunity to unwind by staying in a gîte, a guestroom, or other accommodation for a change of scene in the natural setting of Reunion Island, a chance to savour the authentic, colourful cuisine.

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