Welcome to the ultimate island !

We have thought of everything to make sure your stop off on Reunion Island is an unforgettable adventure. Make the most of your day and experience a complete change of scenery, for brand-new thrills and some great discoveries. Have a swim in the warm (27°) waters of a turquoise lagoon, relax on a fine sandy beach, experience an encounter with dolphins, spend a night under the stars or hike to the peaks, in any case prepare yourself for some unforgettable experiences on your cruise around Reunion Island.

Your getaway starts here!

Your cruise around Reunion Island begins in Port Est on the island. A bus will then take you to the town of Le Port’s ferry terminal.

Your cruise around Reunion Island will then take you to the Port Est ferry terminal

You will be welcomed by the Fédération Réunionnaise de Tourisme (FRT) which is an organisation that groups together all the Reunion Island Tourist Offices, and Ile de La Réunion Tourisme (IRT). You will also be greeted by several companies offering services for tourism. On some of the stands, you’ll be able to taste some seasonal fruit, and Reunion Island specialities.

So many great experiences to be had

On a cruise around Reunion Island

Dare to set off on a wonderful adventure, to explore this spectacular ultimate island that is intensely exotic, intensely authentic and intensely bewitching.  

Alon bougé ! *

*Let’s go on an adventure !

Visit a museum or botanical garden, exotic plantation, Creole dwellings, Tamil temple or a Chinese pagoda…

Taste some Creole specialities at an authentic “table d’hôte”

Taste some Creole specialities at an authentic “table d’hôte”


Savour some exotic fruit and find the perfect souvenir from the market to take home (depending on market days)

A holiday in the sun

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